Relationship Pain Does Not Mean it is Over

Relationships Can Be Healed

Tracey has been such an amazing help

"She has been so helpful in dealing with so many issues and is really easy to open up to ESPECIALLY on a personal level which has been very hard to find. Would highly recommend her to everyone"

Thank you, Tracey, for putting in so much effort for me

"I'm so lucky to have you helping me. You have already made a huge positive impact in my life thank you so much."

Tracey has helped me in both work and home life

"In such a short time Tracey has saved my life and marriage. She brings a lot to the table such as life skills and her eagerness to genuinely help people. She is a straight shooter who does not read from a text book or sugar coat situations. I would highly recommend Startpoint Counselling. Tracey rocks , I'm blessed to have met her."

Tracey has helped me immensely

"She is easy to talk to, understanding and is very good at helping you see a situation in a different light. She has helped me through numerous issues and I have gained confidence through what she's taught me. I would highly recommend her. Very knowledgable in many areas."

Tracey truly knows her stuff

"She has been so helpful in getting our relationship back on track. Her realistic approach and digging down to the drivers behind the behaviors has been mind blowing. I knew from the start she was the right person to help and highly recommend her."

Relationship Pain Does Not Mean Its Over

Tracey Janke is a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association and adheres to the Association’s Code of Ethics and Pactitioner Standards

Most people are never shown how to have a successful relationship. Where you currently are with your relationship is the result of beliefs developed over your lifetime. If you want to change the quality of your relationship you need to understand what is causing your current issues and how those issues are impacting both of you.

I use a no-nonsense, direct approach to Relationship Counselling. There is no fluff, and no endless talking in circles waiting for somebody to have a light bulb moment.

 I strongly believe in getting results, and by results, I am not just talking about a warm and fuzzy feeling but results that you can see as your relationship is transformed.

Frankly, my job is to do myself out of a job by providing you with the skills to become self-sufficient in addressing your relationship issues.

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Relationship counselling is not about

  • assigning blame

  • finding fault

  • judging people for their actions

  • or telling you what to do

 Relationship counselling is about 

  • understanding your world through your eyes noting how your both see things, feel about things and react to things

  • finding solutions that work for you as individuals in a relationship

Revealing your private lives to somebody that you don’t know can be intimidating and confronting. I work hard to ensure that your first session is as comfortable as possible.

  • I am very informal in my approach and consider myself no better than you

  • I am very approachable and strive to understand things from your perspective

  • I will never push you past the point where you want to go

  • You maintain control in the session and set the plan for the session

  • I will help you to understand what is happening and show what to do about it

Have a look at the testimonials if you want to know how other clients have found me.


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 Common Reasons for Not Getting Relationship Counselling

I don’t want to be told I am to blame
I never apportion blame. To do so is counterproductive. Whatever has happened are no more than facts that will help us find a solution.

I don’t want to be told what to do
Relationship counselling is not about forcing you to do things. Certainly, suggestions will be made but ultimately you are the one who decides what you want to do.

I should be able to work this out myself
That would be true if we were experts at everything. But we are not. If you are sick you go to a doctor and if your car is broken you go to a mechanic. As a counsellor, I am skilled in assisting you to find answers to your current dilemma.

I can just talk to my friends
Friends are happy to give you some support and advice but to repair a relationship they are likely to be out of their depth. Friends are not trained to deal with the complexities of people’s lives. They are unlikely to want to take on the responsibility for working with you to rebuild your relationship.

My partner doesn’t want to come
That can present some difficulties but does not make the situation unworkable. There are things that an individual can do to influence a relationship. It is worth coming even if your partner won’t.

I cannot afford it
Can you afford to lose your relationship along with the emotional and financial fallout involved? There is a cost either way. Consider the huge investment that you have made into your relationship to this point. Are you prepared to throw that away without seeing if repair is possible? My fees are more than reasonable for the results that I deliver. If, however you genuinely cannot afford to pay them, I am open to discussing your situation and finding an affordable solution for you.

All it takes is a phone call. A 15-minute call is without charge or obligation and you can see how your relationship can be repaired.

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