Relationship Pain Does Not Mean it is Over

Relationships Can Be Healed

Tracey has been such an amazing help

"She has been so helpful in dealing with so many issues and is really easy to open up to ESPECIALLY on a personal level which has been very hard to find. Would highly recommend her to everyone"

Thank you, Tracey, for putting in so much effort for me

"I'm so lucky to have you helping me. You have already made a huge positive impact in my life thank you so much."

Tracey has helped me in both work and home life

"In such a short time Tracey has saved my life and marriage. She brings a lot to the table such as life skills and her eagerness to genuinely help people. She is a straight shooter who does not read from a text book or sugar coat situations. I would highly recommend Startpoint Counselling. Tracey rocks , I'm blessed to have met her."

Tracey has helped me immensely

"She is easy to talk to, understanding and is very good at helping you see a situation in a different light. She has helped me through numerous issues and I have gained confidence through what she's taught me. I would highly recommend her. Very knowledgable in many areas."

Tracey truly knows her stuff

"She has been so helpful in getting our relationship back on track. Her realistic approach and digging down to the drivers behind the behaviors has been mind blowing. I knew from the start she was the right person to help and highly recommend her."

Tracey helped us to gain a new perspective and a new way of communicating

"We were stuck in a rut with our long term relationship. Tracey helped us to gain a new perspective and a new way of communicating which validated both of our needs, helping us to negotiate and move forward. I would highly recommend this service"

Relationship Pain Does Not Mean Its Over

Tracey Janke and Vanessa Heal are registered counsellors with the Australian Counselling Association and adhere to the Association’s Code of Ethics and Practitioner Standards.

Relationship Pain Does Not Mean Its Over. It does mean that it is time to Repair, Design and Create Your Ideal Relationship.

Most people are never shown how to have a successful relationship. Where you currently are with your relationship is the result of beliefs developed over your lifetime. If you want to change the quality of your relationship you need to understand what is causing your current issues and how those issues are impacting both of you.

I use a no-nonsense, direct approach to Relationship Counselling and Coaching

There is no fluff, and no endless talking in circles waiting for somebody to have a light bulb moment.

Instead there is a process of

  1. Understanding exactly where you are currently in your relationship and what is holding you there

  2. Understanding what you want your relationship to look like after working with me

  3. Showing you HOW to move from where you are now to where you want to be

I strongly believe in getting results

I am not just talking about a warm and fuzzy feeling but results that you can see as your relationship is transformed. You will be equiped with practical strategies that will work in your particular relationship.

Come and work with the HOW Experts and Repair, Design and Create your ideal relationship.

So my question is what do you need right now?


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