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What do you want in 2019?

We are now a few days into 2019 so the enthusiasm of the start of the New Year is probably waning a little bit and the cold hard truth that this is just another year is starting to set in. Same old, same old. But you can change that if you want to.

If you want this to be a different year you need to take the first step and clearly define what you want in 2019. I don’t mean just some sort of general idea like I’d like to make more money or I’d like to be healthier. Those statements do not really define anything but rather indicate a general sort of direction.

The interesting thing is that people will not accept a general sort of direction in real life but when it comes to defining goals we seem to think it’s okay.

If I gave you a package and said deliver this to a town out west, you would think I was crazy because I am giving you a general direction only. Instead, in order to be able to complete the journey, you will require more detail such as which town, which street, what street number et cetera. So what I am suggesting to you is that when it comes to deciding what you want in 2019 you need to be more specific.

What do you want to see a change in your relationship or in your personal life? Once you write down the general idea, get specific. What exactly will it look like when you have it? Write as much detail as you possibly can because the detail is a key to achieving what you want. As you write the details you will also develop an emotional attachment to what you’re describing and that is another key to moving towards what you want.

So what do you want it 2019?

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