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Three Steps to Making Change

making changeThere are three parts to making a change.
Firstly I need to believe that I CAN. Without believing that I CAN, obviously, I cannot. I need to be in a place where my beliefs at least support me starting on the journey.
I WILL is me making the choice to change. Not just knowing that I can, but making a positive decision that I will take the actions I need to take. Saying I WILL does not get me there, but it is the beginning of the journey. Saying I WILL is my active choice.
Finally, I AM is me in motion, as I become the person that I need to.
I CAN is the belief based on knowledge and understanding.
I WILL is the choice. It is me taking the action to move in the direction that I want to go. It is the belief in motion.
I AM is me on the journey as I embody the beliefs and the active decision to move in the direction I want to go. I become that which I need to become, therefore I am.
Getting to where you want to go, takes you being able to embody, I can, I will, I am.
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