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How to Avoid Destroying your Relationship during Lockdown and Quarantine

You have two choices in this time of lockdown. It can be a period of significant growth for your relationship, or it can be a period of great struggle. To date, our relationships have survived well because we can have time outside of the family home. We go to work, and we have hobbies which allow us to have a time of separation from our partners. However, in the current lockdown enviro...
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Willpower is not Enough – How to Succeed

            Often failure in life is blamed on a lack of willpower. There is, however, increasing evidence that what you "see” happening is what is holding you back. Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” How often have you heard people say “I can’t imagine……… happening “ Most people struggle to imagine...
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If You Deserve Something Why Don’t You Have It?

It is common to hear people complain that they work so hard, try everything that they know but can never seem to get ahead. Asked if they deserve to succeed, they say of course they do. But if that is true why don’t they have what they want? We can be convinced logically that we deserve good things in our life but on a deeper level we don’t believe it. The result is us not experiencing the very...
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If You are Feeling Powerless Here is What You Need to Know

Time consists of three stages * The past * The present * The future The past is a collection of life experiences. They are unchangeable, set in stone. We can, however, focus on them, lament the fact that they happened and think about how life could be different if those things hadn't been part of our past. The future currently does not exist. Certainly, we can have a look at what's ...
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Why It Takes More Than Being Ready to Succeed

You are so ready to succeed, so ready to be who you are, and so ready to stop struggling. Next year can't come soon enough. You are so ready for it to be your year. But if you are so ready for it to happen why does it never happen? Is there a mysterious force working against you or is it something that you are doing? The answer lies in two words ready and willing. From dictionary.com - Ready...
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Did You Believe this Lie?

One of the greatest lies ever told is that we are ordinary or average. We are never ordinary or average. Each one of us has talents and skills to use to follow a path which will then enrich our lives and those around us. Society, in general, would like us to believe external acquisitions are the way to measure success. As a result, we constantly compare ourselves to those around us who we see a...
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How to Heal Shame

Please Read Is Shame Limiting Your Success?  Before Reading This Blog Post Shame ingrains itself into our being. It doesn't repair quickly, but the benefits of nullifying the effects of shame are worth the effort. Because this is not an easy road, it is recommended that you have a support system in place including a professional such as a counsellor. Shame is very much internalised. We have ...
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Is Shame Limiting Your Success?

What is Shame? Shame is an inner experience. It is a sense of not being wanted, unlovable, and a belief that one is fundamentally bad producing a feeling of not belonging. Thoughts such as I'm stupid, I'm a failure, I'm defective, I'm not good enough, and I hate myself abound. There is an assumption that shame must be denied, minimised or endured. The process of doing this results in the cre...
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Moving Beyond Failure

"The secret lies in how we handle today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Today… that special block of time holding the key that locks out yesterday's nightmares and unlocks tomorrow's dreams." Charles Swindoll - Clergyman and Author One of the most uncomfortable feelings that we can face in life is the feeling of powerlessness. There is plenty of things happening in the world at present that ca...
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How to Deal With Bad Situations

There’s an old saying that says “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. It sounds positive and makes you feel like you have some control over what happen to you. Yet when life does get us lemons, through things not going the way we wanted them to, the first reaction is usually to complain about how hard life is. The old saying tells us that it is possible to take what is happening and make...
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