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Are Smartphones Damaging Your Relationship?

Smartphone usage is becoming an addiction for many people. So much so that there is now a term for it "Nomophobia" which is the fear of being without a mobile device or out of mobile contact. The addiction exists because of the reinforcing effect of smartphone usage. Compulsive dependence on smartphones appears to deliver a dopamine hit for the brain and dopamine is closely connected to the mo...
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How to Stop Re-occurring Relationship Problems

You are born into this world into the arms of your parents (caregivers). Your parents will be your caregivers, teachers, coaches, providers, and protectors until you are ready to leave home. They respond appropriately to you ensuring that your needs are meet both physically and emotionally. As you grow, you use this secure base to explore the world and become independent. You grow into an adult wh...
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Five Stages of a Relationship – Which one are you at?

  Ellyn Bader, Ph.D., and her husband, Dr. Peter Pearson, are founders and directors of The Couples Institute and creators of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. I have found their model very useful in helping couples to understand the basis of their relationship issues. The Development Model shows relationships going through five stages. The stage that you are at indicates ...
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Did You Believe this Lie?

One of the greatest lies ever told is that we are ordinary or average. We are never ordinary or average. Each one of us has talents and skills to use to follow a path which will then enrich our lives and those around us. Society, in general, would like us to believe external acquisitions are the way to measure success. As a result, we constantly compare ourselves to those around us who we see a...
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How to Stop Needing Other People’s Approval

We grow up learning that we need to get the approval of those around us. Firstly we seek the approval of our parents or caregivers followed by teachers, religious leaders and so on. While seeking approval is part of the learning process, we are rarely taught to be independent and seek our own approval. If we don't develop our individuality, we will spend life seeking approval from those around us....
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Repairing Broken Trust

  Breaking the trust in a relationship cannot be fixed by confining the problem to the past and moving on. The emotional damage done does not simply disappear because you said sorry. Rather the untrustworthy party must show they clearly understand what their partner has felt and experienced. Without this step what follows will not be undertaken with the seriousness that it deserves. The perso...
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