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Online Face to Face Counselling

online face to face counselling

Not everybody can or wants to attend face-to-face counselling in a counsellor’s office. Life today is extremely busy, and most people are time poor. Having to travel to see a counsellor for an hour and then travel back home is not always convenient.

Distance also is a barrier for many people as while they would like to see a particular counsellor the travel time and distance involved makes it impossible.

StartPoint counselling has introduced online face-to-face counselling using a secure meeting platform.

Benefits Of Online Face-To-Face Counselling


  • Sessions can be inducted using a smartphone, tablet or a computer with a WebCam and microphone

  • Done over a secure meeting platform available on Android, Apple or Windows devices

  • Not limited by location (available in Australia only)

  • Suitable for those unable to leave home, or who are physically disabled

  • Maybe preferred by those who embrace technology

Convenient for

  • Those uncomfortable with traditional in-office therapy

  • Those wanting to reduce costs by not having to travel

  • those wanting to check out a counsellor before actually committing to face-to-face in office sessions

  • Short (less than one hour) follow-up sessions

  • Busy people for whom time is a limited resource

Reduces social stigma for

  • Those uncomfortable with coming to counselling rooms

  • Those in small communities who do not want to see someone who might know them or their family

Reduces anxiety

  • For those who feel anxious in social situations as it creates a feeling of distance between the counsellor and client

  • For those clients who do not want to leave their home and will, therefore, feel a sense of being in their comfort zone


  • Not suitable for clients with suicidal thoughts or severe depression

  • Not suitable for clients with constant distractions around them while online

  • Can at times suffer technical problems

  • Only available in Australia


  • A quiet distraction-free place to talk from

  • High-speed Internet connection on a tablet, smartphone or computer.

  • You will need to install a small program to connect with StartPoint counselling. Instructions provided once you indicate that you want to use the system

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