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  • How many sessions will I need?

    It’s hard to respond to this question without having seen the client. After the first session, an estimate can be made. Progress is reviewed after four sessions.

  • What experience will the counsellor have in dealing with my issue?

    Our counsellors specialise in the areas in which they are skilled. Depending on what issues you want to work on, you will be directed to the appropriate counsellor.

  • Are private health rebates available?

    As private health funds vary on this issue; please check with your health fund.

  • Are Medicare rebates available?

    Some services may be eligible for Medicare rebates. Concession rates are available for holders of a valid concession card.

  • Do you do telephone or online counselling?

    Yes, phone and online counselling are available.

  • I am worried about having to open up to a stranger. What do I do?

    Don’t worry, our counsellors are warm and friendly and understand that you will be anxious about your first session.

  • What about confidentiality?

    Your confidentiality is assured. There are only a couple exceptions in extraordinary circumstances such as a court order mandating release of client notes.

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