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Life Coaching Shows you How to Design and Achieve the Life that You Want

It is so frustrating to know what you want, make moves in that direction, apply yourself and become frustrated by not being able to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Are you

Tired of trying to make something of your life?

Tired of putting in the effort and not seeing the results?

Tired of everything seemingly working against you?

Many times the things that are holding us back are things we can’t see ourselves because we are too close to the situation.

Many times there are internal beliefs that manage to sabotage you even though you are applying yourself diligently and doing the “right things”.

Engaging a life coach brings the advantage of having somebody who can see what you are doing from an outsider’s perspective. A life coach will be able to see what’s not working for you and to assist you to make changes that will allow you to reach your goals.

When I work with clients I do a lot of listening in order to understand where you are at this point in time and what it is that you want out of working with me. I have the ability to not only process what I am seeing and hearing but also to be able to look behind-the-scenes and understand what is driving the current situation.

I am the “HOW” expert who can take you from where you are now to where you want to be. I work equally well with both male and female clients. I am direct and to the point. If you want results then my straightforwardness coupled with my ability to hold clients accountable will help you get those results.

Client Testimonial

“Tracey has helped me in both work and home life. I came to Tracey for addiction, however, Tracey said let’s get to the cause. Turns out a lot of my issues came from my childhood. In such a short time Tracey has saved my life and marriage. I look at Tracey as a life coach. She brings a lot to the table such as life skills and her eagerness to genuinely help people. She is a straight shooter who does not read from a textbook or sugar coat situations. I would highly recommend Startpoint Counselling to anyone who has problems or just wants to work on self-development. Tracey rocks, I’m blessed to have met her.”

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