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Origins of Anger

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Anger is often confused with the behaviour that accompanies it such as violence either physical, emotional or verbal. But when the two are separated anger is seen as the emotion and the behaviour the way that we choose to express the emotion.

As we go through life “Events”, happen to which we have an “Emotional Response”. This is a normal life process. Its what we do with the emotion that affects whether the emotion starts the chain reaction that builds to anger.

Emotions have the sole purpose of being expressed. Unfortunately, we are largely raised to believe that emotions are something that should not be expressed and we need to get over it and get on with it. To facilitate this, we open the door on our virtual basement and usher the emotions inside.

Once the emotions are in our virtual basement, we slam the door shut and believe that we have successfully “pushed them down”.

Emotions have one goal in life, and that is to be expressed. If we don’t choose to express them, they will find a way. They don’t like being contained in your basement. They can express themselves physically in your body and make you ill, or they can get together and become an accumulative emotion.

We know that accumulative emotion as anger. Anger is very easily triggered, and the smallest thing can lead to an outburst.

Most people have witnessed the classic case where a mild tempered person suddenly has a major outburst for no apparent reason. Usually, this is a case of suppressed emotions that have taken an opportunity to vent as a cumulative emotion called anger.

Unfortunately, the outburst of anger does not release the emotions such, and they will still build up in your virtual basement until the next outburst.

The only way to effectively break the cycle is to address and deal with those emotions which have been pushed down and trapped in your basement. The tips how to do this, please see the article on expressing and releasing emotions.

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