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Parenting/Family Issues

Parenting, FamilyThe family unit is the “school” where we learn who we are and how relationships work. Human beings have the longest caregiver period of all mammals. Our children generally live under our care to the age of 17.

The optimal situation sees

– An emotional attachment is formed to an adult who is sensitive and responsive to their needs during the period from birth to 2 years of age

– The person they form an attachment with is consistent in their caregiving.

– After the age of 2, the child begins to use the adult as a secure base from which to explore and develop independence.

– The child grows up feeling safe, secure and confident.

As much as parents want the best for their child, the ideal situation is challenging to achieve. There are so many demands on our time and the percentage of stay at home mums is decreasing out of financial necessity.

Parents often feel that they should know how to deal with the demands of raising well-adjusted children and regard seeking assistance in the area the sign of weakness. Realising that you need to engage outside resources is a sign of strength and the improved results will make the effort worthwhile.

Parenting and family issues have such an impact on the individual that StartPoint Counselling has sort out the services of a counsellor who specialises in this area.

This counsellor is available at our office 3-4 days per week. Please call 07 3458 1725 for further details.

Mental Health Plans can be used for these appointments.

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