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Relationships do not remain static over their lifetime but rather flex and grow with each year and each change in circumstances. Without the knowledge of the various challenges that relationships face and how to navigate those challenges it becomes easy to believe that just okay is as good as it gets. We readily surrender to a lack of passion, communication problems and intimacy issues at all levels believing that’s what happens as a relationship ages. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Relationships certainly change over time and some aspects of the relationship diminished in frequency, but others are meant to take their place to stabilise and enhance the ongoing relationship. Many life events such as starting a family or focusing on careers also impact the quality of the relationship, but this in itself is a normal part of relationship development. The key is knowing how to navigate these changes and avoid them having a devastating impact on your relationship.

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In my practice new clients report at least some of the following areas diminishing

• Love
• Companionship, Friendship
• Romance and Passion
• Intimacy and sexual expression
• Emotional support
• Equality and respect
• Trust
• A sense of playfulness/fondness/fun
• Communication
• Commitment and Loyalty
• Compatibility
• Understanding
• Acceptance
• Patience
• Having a common purpose
• Having an identity separate from the relationship

These areas left unaddressed result in diminishing relationship quality and in the long term may indeed cause the end of the relationship.

The quality of a relationship is underpinned by the quality of the four levels of intimacy that support it.

Intimacy is closeness and is about bonding. Intimacy occurs on the following levels in a relationship.

Intellectual intimacy – the ability as a couple to have different opinions and to be able to discuss the reasons behind us having those opinions. It is about our partners being okay with our different opinions but taking time to understand why we hold them
Emotional intimacy – the ability to share your deepest feelings with your partner and to have them listen, try to understand and to be accepting of how you feel
Activity-based intimacy – undertaking activities which are organised around a common goal in which each of you works in partnership to achieve the final outcome
Physical intimacy – the closeness of physical contact at a deep and personal level which includes hand holding through sexual intercourse

A relationship goes through five stages as it matures. Starting with the honeymoon phase where everything is about us as a couple through to discovering our individuality in the relationship and having to navigate our differences through to the final stage of understanding that we can be both an individual and a couple in a synergistic way.

Five Stages of a Relationship – Which one are you at?

As a relationship coach, I guide couples through the many pitfalls of relationships so they can enjoy a quality of relationship beyond where they are today. If you are in a relationship today and know deep down that should be better and on some level are aware of some of the pitfalls that you are currently facing then I could be the person you need to see.

As a relationship coach, I teach people the skills they need to enhance their relationships now and in the future. My work with clients is customised for each couple so that the skills that I teach you will work for you within your framework and will produce the results that you’re looking for. I am passionate about seeing relationships thrive.

Understanding your drives and needs is the first step in empowering yourself. Understanding your partner’s drives and needs is the foundation of healthy, vibrant relationships. I believe that desire to understand yourself and others and a willingness to implement necessary changes, make vibrant relationships possible.

I use an honest, no-nonsense, direct approach to Relationship Coaching. There is no fluff and no pointless exercises. My focus is squarely on you seeing the changing that you are looking for in your relationship.

Communication skills

Relationship Coaching is not about

  • assigning blame

  • finding fault

  • judging people for their actions

  • or telling you what to do

 Relationship Coaching is about 

  • understanding your world through your eyes noting how you both see things, feel about things and react to things

  • finding solutions that work for you as individuals in a relationship

Revealing your private lives to somebody that you don’t know can be intimidating and confronting. I work hard to ensure that your first session is as comfortable as possible.

  • I am very informal in my approach and consider myself no better than you

  • I am very approachable and strive to understand things from your perspective

  • I will never push you past the point where you want to go

  • You maintain control in the session and set the plan for the session

  • I will help you to understand what is happening and show what to do about it

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