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Relationship Skills – Pre Marital Counselling

There are similarities between taking a journey in a new car and getting married. When you first buy a new car, you love the new fresh feeling, the excitement of driving it and the trouble-free motoring that it offers.

You set out on a journey, but as you travel down the road, the car gets a few scratches, dents and chips. This annoys you but the car is still driving OK, so you continue on your journey.

As time passes a little light on the dash reminds you that the car is due for a service. You realise that it is not driving as well as it did when new, but it is OK and you keep driving. Unfortunately, cars that are not maintained deteriorate and breakdown. The goal of your journey is now in doubt and you feel frustrated, angry and stranded.

As a couple starting out your relationship together it’s fun, exciting, you’re in love and you plan to spend the rest your life together (the goal of your journey). Over time, your relationship suffers its share of dents, scrapes and chips. It is disappointing but the relationship is still OK.

Then you start to notice an issue or two but the relationship still seems to be working so why bother addressing them. This lack of maintenance of your relationship is what will damage and kill your relationship.

Premarital Counselling is often seen as tedious and unnecessary. What I offer is different. I impart to you the skills needed to maintain your relationship.

As a relationship counsellor, I am well versed in what tears a relationship apart. When working with couples who have damaged relationships, I teach them the skills required to repair their relationship. If they had known these skills from the beginning, they would have avoided a lot of pain and heartbreak.

These skills are available to you through Startpoint Counselling’s premarital skills training.

Over three practical sessions, we will cover

1. How much assumption exists in your relationship and how to find the truth
2. How to communicate in a way that minimises arguments but gets your needs recognised
3. Maintaining intimacy over the long term

Extra sessions can be scheduled depending on individual needs.

You have spent a lot of time getting to this point in your lives. You are investing time and a good deal of money in getting married. Protect your investment by learning the skills to maintain your relationship in the future.

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