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Stress Impacts Relationships

Stress, like anxiety, through its emotional and physical symptoms, causes people to focus excessively on themselves. While this is understandable, it shifts focus away from maintaining satisfying relationships and over time the quality of your relationships decline.

Stress is a normal part of life and has its benefits in motivating us and keeping us moving forward. The problem with stress occurs when excessive levels damage our health.

Stress is an individual thing, as each person experiences it differently. What is stressful for you, may not be for another.

Stress results from having to adapt to situations. How well we can adapt, affects the level of our stress.

Three main areas influence our stress levels

Our environment

Our body

Our thoughts.

Our environment demands that we adjust to things such as the changing weather. Socially, we are stressed by such things as disagreements, deadlines, and financial problems.

Our bodies confront us with issues such as illness, ageing and disabilities as well as reacting to what is happening in our environment through tension and headaches.

Our thoughts induce stress, through the way that we interpret things and dwell on them.

Counselling provides an avenue to examine the cause of the stress and develop strategies to change your reaction to the situation.

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