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Lessons Learned on Holidays Contain the Power to Revolutionise our Relationships

Without the pressure of work, regular family routines and other responsibilities we relax and start to engage in different activities. Some of these activities result in improved self-care and improved relationships. if only you could take these benefits back into your non-holiday life and reap the benefits.  Well you can and I explain how in this short 3-minute video (C) StartPoin...
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Why Can't My Partner Understand Me?

Why can't my partner understand where I am coming from? Why do we disagree on so many things? Why can't they see common sense? Your questions answered in this 5-minute video. https://youtu.be/f59UKq1TrEs Want to learn how to be understood and how to better understand your partner? Check out my guide to better communication - https://www.startpointcounselling.com.au/index.php/the-a...
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