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Depression Impacts Relationships

Depression has a negative effect on you personally and on all of your relationships. When you are depressed, you tend to withdraw from relationships, and over time this will hurt the other person in the relationship.

Depression is debilitating and steals your ability to create the life that you want.

Depression can have biological causes (treatable by medication), situational causes where seemly out of control circumstances crush you again and again (treatable by counselling) as well as a combination of both.

Depression is treatable by having strategies to deal with the circumstances and your reaction to them or managed using medication or a combination of both.

Depression is difficult to overcome yourself as by its very nature it leaves feeling powerless and hopeless.

Signs That You May Be Suffering From Depression: Click to expand

You don’t feel hopeful or happy about anything in your life

Things that normally mean nothing, or are normally insignificant for you upset you

Getting up in the morning is difficult as you cannot see a good reason to do so

You’re having trouble making simple decisions

Things that your friends and family do irritate you easily

It’s difficult to concentrate on anything, and you easily forget things

You’re anxious, worry a lot, and everything appears hopeless

You feel like you constantly mess up

You have a persistent feeling that something bad is going to happen

The memory of every failure, every bad or uncomfortable experience, just keeps playing over and over in your head

Things that use to bring you enjoyment no longer do

You may be having recurring thoughts of death and suicidal impulses

The counsellors at StartPoint Counselling have obtained excellent results when working with clients suffering from depression allowing them to live the life that they once thought they could not have. Where necessary appropriate referrals can be made if the treatment required is outside of our area of expertise.

Client Testimonial

I am so grateful to you for helping me to recognise and manage my severe anxiety and depression. I had been to other counsellors in the past, but you have been the one that had given me my life back, – A Better Life !!

I will forever be grateful

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