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The Art of Painless Communication eBook

The Art of Painless Communication eBook


  • Are you struggling to communicate when intense emotion is involved?

  • Are you hesitant to voice your needs in a relationship because you fear your partner’s reaction?

  • Do you avoid conversations or agree with your partner in order to avoid confrontation?


Communication is a basic skill required in any relationship

Without communication meaningful interaction is non-existent. Yet, nobody teaches us how to communicate productively.

Fortunately, we observe communication happening around us and are able to learn what works and what doesn’t work through observation and trial and error. When not in pressure situations our conversation skills usually work reasonably well.

However, in conflict situations where we are feeling the pressure of the moment, our conversation skill can suffer and the results that we get can be less than we expect.

Master the Art of Painless Communication with this short eBook

  • Understand – The Common Reasons for Miscommunication

  • Explore – The components that produce open and honest communication

  • Heal – The Impact of Self Image and Insecurity on Communication

  • Discover – How to Reduce the Risk of Conflict in Conversation

  • Get Practical – Put it Together in an Easy to Follow Exercise


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