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Three Stages of Time – How to Take Your Power Back

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The are three stages of time. The past, the present and future.

The past is what has happened to this point in time. It has the qualities of being fixed in stone and unchangeable.

The present is this moment that we are in right now. The important characteristic of the present is it is where we can change things. The present is constantly becoming the past. Actions we took a second ago are now in the past we can’t take them back or change them no matter how much we wanted to.

The Future does not exist yet, and its characteristic is that it is dependent on what we do in the present. Any future goals that we have are mere plans that are not guaranteed. Any fears that we have concerns that are not guaranteed to happen. We can create the future depending on what we believe in what we forecast will happen to us. This very forecast causes us to take actions in the present moment the point at which we can make changes, which will indeed bring about the future that we look forward to or fear.

The best way to illustrate this is to suggest that you have just walked into a room and sat down. While you’re sitting down, you’ll realise that you are in the wrong room. You can look at your past action (walking into the room) and lament the stupidity of that action and then express concern that you are now trapped in the room leading to a future of you slowly starving to death in this room which has no food or water. Or you can simply get up and walk out of the room. You couldn’t change the fact that you walked into the room but you can change in that very present moment your situation by getting up and walking out of the room. By taking this action, you’ve changed your future. Conversely, if you stayed sitting in the room lamenting the fact that you walked into the room, did nothing in the present moment you would condemn yourself to death in the future.

The past functions as a learning experience. If we learn from the past, we can decide how we want the future to look different and take the necessary changes in the present.

Too many people see the past as such a regrettable experience that they anchor themselves there lamenting their actions and those of others which have caused them grief. To them, the past is responsible for their current situation and since their current situation isn’t the best they predict that the future will be bad for them.

I illustrate this process by saying let’s assure them that we have given 100 units of power to be used at any given time. People that see the past as a regrettable experience and anchor themselves there are taking say 80 units of power and using it to maintain their focus there. They then view their current situation, look at the future and say “it’s going to be bad” use say 15 units of power to fuel their anxiety and fears about the future. That leaves us with five units of power which are available in the present moment which is the only point in time which we can make changes With only five units of power available, people make the statement “I feel so powerless”. If you want to take your power back, you need to

  1. Let go of the past

  2. Pull up your anchor form the past

  3. Learn from the past

  4. Make changes in the present

  5. Focus on what changes you can make in the present

  6. Watch a different future become reality

Take back your power

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